Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery is a safe place to get real about your HURTS, HABITS, and HUNG-UPS.

We invite you to be a part of Celebrate Recovery!

Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered and Bible-based 12 Step Recovery Program. The purpose is to focus on God’s healing power through fellowship with others. By working the 12 Steps and the 8 Beatitude Principles, issue groups open up, share experiences, and explore hope. In this way, we become willing to accept God’s grace in solving our problems.

Celebrate Recovery meets at our REACH Center campus located at 2070 N. Garland Ave. in Fayetteville

Brad Clyne

Brad Clyne

Married 30+ years, father, grandfather. Adopted 3 of our children from foster care. Chaplian, Pastoral Counselor and Ministry leader of Celebrate Recovery. Loves spending time outdoors camping, fishing etc. Passionate about leading people out of addictions and bringing them closer to a loving Savior.